when the weather changes, we change with it

And as soon as the weather got nice we traded-in our monday night tv shows for picnics in the park, our dinner plates are full of fresh veggies from the farmers markets,  our kids actually need a bath EVERY night (even if they don’t get one), and our family seems to have changed– for the better {I think},  perhaps we all needed a little vitamin D.

love wrestling

love wrestling

Let me explain– when you have young kids, every season brings new adventures and new struggles because kids change so fast and they always seem to be entering new phases.   For example, in our family there are no “just like last year” moments for us. Last spring we had a brand new baby, and leaving the house as a family — well, it simply didn’t happen very often or smoothly.  The year before, we lived in a different state.  This year, we have a one year old and I am pregnant again.  Let me just say that taking a new born to the beach vs. taking a one year old is a WHOLE differnt ball game.  Everthing seems new for us, and I think it will for awhile– for better or for worse.


baseball:: this season's obsession

baseball:: this season’s obsession

 A little love for mama

A little love for mama

That being said, I fully welcome the changes…  we call it living.

Cheers to spring,



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