shopping smarter

In my evolution as a mother, I am always finding ways to do my most basic tasks more efficiently. As my family grows and changes I realize that I need new strategies for simple things like, grocery shopping.

The finale of a successful shopping trip!

The finale of a successful shopping trip!

Let be realistic, although my hubby pretends, I truly am the resident meal planner, the chef, the lunch-packer, the baker…basically the only food-doer in our house {We all share the Eater title}.  Since I do all things food in our house, it only makes sense that I also do the grocery shopping– however my growing baby bump and two boys seem to make this simple task a little more difficult these days.

Here are my challenges:

2 boys with a very limited attention span

easily distracted mama,{ooo I love the deals!}

realistic limited budget $

buying for a whole week {I cannot swing two trips like these!}

My solution?

Use one small shopping basket. {yep, thats it. that is my BIG smart tip!}

For me, using a basket limits what I can purchase and makes sure I don’t buy more than my family eats. Because of the limited space I am forced to stick to what is on the list {with exceptions of course} and feel satisfied that I am buying enough when my basket is full– which would seem like a really empty shopping cart. Not to mention it can nearly cut your receipt total in half!

I put my youngest in the stroller because he really does not fit well in the cart {not to mention the germs, ew}. I hang a basket over the stroller handle using the ‘ever handy’ Mommy Hook and I am still hands-free to shop!

after the check-out

after the check-out

I should explain that I mainly buy produce, dairy, grains, and cereals at the grocery store. We try to eat a limited amount of processed foods and we make our own breads at home, which is why I can get away with just a small basket of food. I also purchase some snacks and bigger bulk items at target or online- which clearly would not fit in a small basket.

Next time you go to the store, pick up a basket instead of a cart and see if it makes a difference. Just try it!




2 thoughts on “shopping smarter

  1. Any recommendations for Grandma doing errands with a 9 month old? The errands vary week to week, grocercies (always just a short list), Wal-Mart, Target, gas, the fabric store, and a variety of other places. My problem: his growing weight and my age.

    • Mary, I still use the stroller for errands like these and until he is comfortable sitting in the stroller you can snap in the car seat. Or, I would try a hip carrier (like a ring-sling) or back-pack carrier. I have an ergo baby carrier and you can wear it all three ways. What a lucky grandson to get to spend so much time with you is very special!

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