I’ll pass on the morning sickness…

My dear friends,

I am sorry for the lapse of time between my blog posts.  I have been awfully busy the last eight weeks {note emphasis on the awful}.

What have I been doing? hmm…

  • eating saltine crackers in bed
  • popping in movies for the boys so I can sneak a nap —or two
  •  nagging my husband to pick up groceries or dinner on his way home {early} from work.
  • dropping my son off at school late nearly every morning — and still in my pj’s. 
  • wishing that staring at the laundry piles was the same as doing them.
  • convincing myself that carrying my 10 month son was enough exercise.
  • avoiding all things smelly. For example; public bathrooms, dirty dishes or cloth diapers, and occasionally my husband– or anyone who eats raw onions or garlic.

Yes, you guessed it. We are expecting another baby!


Almost as soon as we found out the news I told my hubby that I was going to pass on the morning sickness this time around, but truthfully I knew my fate. Every evening {until the sickness set in} I choose a small area of the house to get a scrub-down, because I knew it would be neglected for quite sometime. And yes, it has been.

Thankfully, the worst of it is now over for me. As we enter the second trimester my energy levels are returning and my gag-reflex is lowering- somewhat.

The laundry piles, extra pj wearing and my ‘super-nose’ are here to stay for the duration of the pregnancy + the next 5 years {I’m sure}.


Morning sickness is no fun. And truthfully, there is no trick to getting rid of it.  However, for each person there may be individual things that help ease the awfulness of morning sickness. For me it is a combination of hydration, salty snacks, Mentos, plugging my nose, a helpful hubby and a prayer. Mostly, remembering that- this too, shall pass.




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