traveling children

Yes, we traveled with our kids. And survived to tell about it!

family vacation!

family vacation!

We have been flying with our oldest since he was about 2 months olds– but let me tell you every age brings new challenges.


beach time

beach time

How do we do it?

1. try to get a direct flight. It is worth the extra cash!

2. Check the airlines website for any regulation changes.

3.  Strategically pack the baby bag or kid’s carry on with only necessary things and these additionals:

– Sanitizers; hand, wipes for seats, pacifiers, etc.

-Snacks; favorites, special treats, or something new

– distractions/activities; sticker books, pacifiers, small animals

 – a change of clothes; diapers, wipes, and undies

4. Bring your own car seat. Most airlines check car seats for free. Other options are to carry it on or side gate check it.

happy in his own seat in the rental

happy in his own seat

car naps are the best

car naps are the best even in rentals

5. Stay calm. No matter what you forgot, who pee’d their pants, or how long your flight is delayed, stress and worry won’t help anything. {this is always the hardest for me!}

silly, tired, travel faces

silly, tired, travel faces

Happy Travels 🙂



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