Baking our bread

As part of Unprocessed October, I started baking our breads at home.  There is nothing like warm, fresh bread smothered in real butter. yum.


How did we do it?

I borrowed a bread maker, just to try it out. To say the least, we fell in love— I think it was mutual too. With the maker I simply dump in the ingredients and let it go! I can even program it to be done at a certain time, like before my hubby leaves for work–so its fresh and warm for him! It goes beyond regular bread–specialty quick breads, bagels and pizza dough too! So, guess what I got for Christmas? I’m one happy bread-breaking mama!

Why do it?

It was really hard finding unprocessed bread at the grocery store, so I found myself settling for the lesser of evils. It is really comforting knowing all the ingredients that goes into what my family eats–and controlling what goes in, so we started baking our own bread.  It is also convenient, inexpensive and certainly delicious.

All this made me wonder, How much does it cost to bake at home?

Here is what I figured out:

{these are my calculations and estimates, and I am no mathematician!}

3 cups whole wheat flour ($0.57),   1.5 Tbsp dry milk ($0.19),   1.5 tsp salt ($0.01),   1.5 Tbsp butter ($0.09),   1.5 Tbsp Molasses ($0.19),   1.5 tsp dry yeast ($0.21),  1 3/8 cup water (less than $0.01) = $1.27 per loaf of homemade whole wheat bread


2 cups whole wheat flour ($0.38),    1.5tsp salt ($0.01),   1.5 Tbsp butter ($0.09),    3 Tbsp Molasses ($0.38),    2 tsp dry yeast ($0.28),   8oz Water (less than $0.01) = $1.15 per dozen homemade whole wheat bagels  (Let me just tell you, YUM.)

poor photo- sorry.

poor photo- sorry.

3 cups unbleached flour ($0.39),    1.5 tsp salt ($0.01),    2 Tbsp oil ($0.02),  1.5 tsp dry yeast ($0.21),   9 oz Water (less than $0.01) =$0.64 for homemade pizza dough +$0.80 organic pizza sauce + $1.75 fresh mozzarella cheese, $0.75 fresh veggies, $1.00 prochutto = $4.69 for the best pizza (still cheaper than frozen DiGiornos).

Keep in mind that price doesn’t include cost of the machine, energy or labor (you can’t put a price on my talents!). That being said, it is saving us money and I honestly couldn’t find a comparable, unprocessed bread product at the store. And still, sometimes I mess it up…


oops! forgot to put in the stirring arm.

fixed!  and yummy.

fixed! and yummy.

My husband even got in on the action and made a green chile, pepper jack cheese corn bread. You betcha he did.

So yes, it is more work, but it saves us money and it is fun!




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