Mama’s back

After being down and out of blogging because of my computer crash, we {my very cooperative husband and I} have finally figured out a system that will get me back in the game! Hopefully one blog a week, but life is unpredictable- so I will certainly do my best.

family {this was our Christmas card photo}

family {this was our Christmas card photo}

My re-enter to this blogsphere just so happens to coincide with a new year, HAPPY 2013! I always enjoy this fresh, optimistic, reset that a new year brings. I am encouraged by all the inspired people around and I too, am ready to welcome some changes.

genuine curiosity

genuine curiosity

What are my resolutions?

well they all sound good don’t they? get organized, fit, save money, learn a new language, etc. Why limit ourselves? go for it all.

But my goal for the new year is to be authentic.

I want to be real about what I eat, genuine in my relationships, honest in my lifestyles and most of all- trusting and faithful to the Lord.

pure and yummy!

pure and yummy!




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