Muse Moment

Do you ever have these? When you are completely absorbed in thought and you cannot help but stop to take in the beauty of nature.

For me it can happen at any place, at any moment.

This week, on our way to pick up take-out for dinner, I couldn’t help but pull the car over an take in some of God’s beauty! We were taking back roads along a very busy highway –not normally considered a beautiful place– but at that moment it was. I just happened to have my camera with me, so we stopped to snap a few memories.

It was even more special to share it with my little guys. Most days we whip around town in such a hurry, but it was nice to stop for a few minutes to love our life, our land, and our time together.

Just a boy in a corn field


Needless to say, by the time we got home our food was cold.  But, it was worth it!


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