Happy Birthday Hubby


“Friendship is the beginning of love; love is the beginning of life.” -unknown {but they must have been wise.}

Today is my husband’s birthday and I wanted to celebrate by posting some photos of our lifetime together.  This is a time when I am grateful for photographs, because without them these memories would be foggy and eventually fade. We became friends when we were young, and we have changed and grown so much since then. I am very happy to share these memories.

We got married on New Years Day…

but we met and became friends in middle school…

and were the cheerleader & football player cliche in high school…

….and we graduated together (high school and college).

We enjoyed many Lake Michigan sunsets.

We survived 2 pregnancies…

and two births.

Together we turned tears to giggles….

had great adventures (UK 2011)…

and some real disasters…

…but we are always better when we’re together.

Happy birthday Love, and CHEERS to many, many more.

This must be a day for great men, because this is also my father’s birthday. Happy birthday Dad, Love you!

torch lake


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