Wearing Baby

This is the story of how I became a sorta crunchy, baby-wearing mama::

It was a sunny spring day and I was a naive, new mother taking my 2 week old out for a walk in the stroller. We were about half way around the block when the screaming really started. A little frantic and embarrassed I picked up my son to comfort him…phew he stopped crying, but how was I supposed to carry him and push the stroller up the hill to our house? yikes. While struggling, a neighbor (and friend) spotted us and invited us in. A few minutes later I walked out of there a free woman–well my hands were free anyway.  She had offered me a sling that she used with all her children. It was a simple thing, but the results were amazing. With my son safe and snug inside the sling,  we conquered the hill home while pushing the empty stroller. Gone went the daydream of me strolling around with a perfect babbling baby, hello reality. With my quintessential expectations out the window, it was easier to focus on what felt right and what was best for me and my little guy.

Now with our second child babywearing is not really an option, but a necessity. Honestly, he loves it– I love it, and it really works for us.  It allows us to be mobile and keep baby happy!

Where do I wear my baby?

Church, restaurants, around the house, grocery shopping, the beach, airports, and everywhere really.

Since taking photos of ourselves ‘wearing’ isn’t the easiest, there aren’t many photos of us doing it. But, I was able to ’round up a few. Thanks friends.

taken by the lovely ms. cate

baby k’tan

As it turns out there are other benefits too:: happy babies, healthy babies, confident parents, loving caregivers, comfort and convenience.

terrible looking mama, but cute and content baby.


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