Mommy Time

Eva Schmidt Photography

I love my children and my husband tremendously, but I also truly value my alone time. These days it seems my treasured ‘mommy time’ is rather scarce, especially with a baby attached to me (literally). However, if my husband is willing, I find ways to sneak some time just for me. {In fact, I am using this precious time right now, writing this.}

It can be simple things like running errands by myself, painting my nails, or my favorite– enjoying a whole cup of coffee while it is still warm! No matter what I do with my alone time, I really try to relax and enjoy it. When all is said and done, that little break in my day allows me to be a better mother and wife.  I guess it rejuvenates me to get through the piles of laundry, mountains of dishes, and mega-super-blast dirty diapers.

Don’t misunderstand me, I wouldn’t trade the time I spend with my boys for anything. After all, they are the sweetest….all three of them!

my boys

my boys

If I can’t sneak away for mommy time, a prayer, deep breath or words of wisdom do wonders for my soul!

ah, {deep breath} and get back at it …. lunches, laundry and life awaits.


Photography :: When we were in Harbor Springs, MI for a wedding in June the talented Eva Schmidt took some awesome family photos of us. Thanks Eva!


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