Are you ready for some football?

because I am not.

Danny breaks a tackle and runs for a touchdown!

In my head I always know it is coming; as the summer draws to a close, the stores start stocking back-to-school supplies,  and the Sport Illustrated football preview arrives in the mail. These tell-tail signs should prepare me for what’s to come, but every year it sneaks up on me and I am never prepared.

our little Packer when he was just 2

Here are the eleven ways my life changes during football season (I couldn’t condense it all into just 10!) :

  1. My husband spends countless hours glued to his computer reading -what I call “packer porn”- Green bay’s latest stats, predictions and all that hoopla.
  2. Fantasy football…enough said
  3. Our weekend calendar start to look like the Home/Away game schedule
  4. Important family events take place on boring big-ten weekends
  5. All of a sudden my husband becomes overly social as he is bombarded with phone calls asking for tips, insights or trade ideas for OTHER people’s fantasy football leagues. {eh..emmm… My Dad}
  6. A mini-football field claims permanent residence in my son’s bedroom made up of household objects to create end zones –and the newest addition- goal posts!
  7. The hidden box of Green bay Packer gear is somehow emptied and spread across the entire house– Including two matching daddy/son fleece-tie blankets, a Packer snow-globe, pom-pons, a child size authentic uniform-complete with pants, jersey, helmet and shoulder pads!, hats, gloves, signs, flags, you name it we got it! (Mostly curtesy of my in-laws. It must be in their blood).
  8. Our Saturday mornings are spent watching my husbands old high-school football games- As he relives the glory days and teaches our 4-year-old about formations, plays, and the dangers of cute cheerleaders.
  9. The weekend food menu curiously starts to resemble a tailgate party, including chicken wings, guacamole, chili AND a fridge shelf dedicated solely to beer.
  10. Morning PBS cartoons are welcomely replaced with ESPN.
  11. And my husband turns into a sensitive, passionate man–about football anyway….

That being said, I am known to be a sports fan too. However, I just don’t understand the FANatics. I do really enjoy watching a good, exciting display of athleticism. Chicken wings, corn-hole and alcohol aren’t bad perks of the season either.  Besides, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!

My first Packer game at Lambeau Field

Front row at Lambeau 2010

Packers Vs. Saints NFL kick-off 2011

Our yearly Packer game was halted because of inflation….in our family.


5 thoughts on “Are you ready for some football?

  1. Ha! This post couldn’t be more true for us either if you substituted UofM football for Packers.

    I saw a great sign in a shop earlier this year that said, “We interrupt this marriage to bring you football season.” I feel like that essentially sums up this post 🙂

  2. Great play last night…..although I didn’t see it live, just on CNN reruns this morning. I do love that the Bears looked a little foolish going after the kicker……GO, PACK, GO!!!!!

  3. DeLynne,
    This is Cory thru and thru and I love your spirit with it all. Fantasy football is way overboard, from my standpoint, but I’m a mom not a football fanatic. It’s you and
    three boys–I’ll pray for you!!!!!

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