DIY Project :: Table Cloth

{ I want to preface this post by explaining that I am by NO means a sewing expert, quite the opposite–a novice. I am learning as I go, so bare with me. If you have any helpful tips, please share! }

I like to consider my dining room table a family heirloom, but it is seemed to be more like that piece of furniture that gets passed around because no one wants it.  My parents got it before their wedding when it was fresh and unfinished. It traveled around, but when we needed a table we rescued it from my brother’s basement. It surely has seen better days.

I decided it could use a ‘new do’ so to speak. I thought about re-finishing it or painting it (which I may still do sometime), but for now I thought a simple table cloth would be a start. The table is oblong, which made it trickier to find a cloth that would fit nicely. After several checks at my go-to home stores and I didn’t find what I wanted. I looked on etsy and found a beautiful, chabby-chic, linen-ruffle, but the price tag nearly did me in so, I decided to make one myself!

I found a nice clearance fabric at Joanns, bought the yardage that I needed, and I was ready to dive in. Once I got home however, I realized it might be trickier than I thought— just like every other project I have ever attempted! But with some newspapers, a couple late nights, a few needle pokes and lots of seam-ripping I prevailed. Here is how it all went down:

The trickiest part was cutting the fabric so it was the exact size of the table:

1. Laid out newspapers, taped them together

2. Trimmed them to be the same size as the table top

3. Folded the papers in a quarters (half, then half again)

4. Folded fabric the same way (make sure you line up the folded edges together and the raw edges together)

5. Use newspapers as a stencil and cut fabric.

After I measured and determined what size I wanted my sides to be (10inches, including seam allowance) I was able to continue

6. Cut fabric in 10″ long stirps

7. Iron, pin, and hem bottom of strips (I used a zig-zag stitch because it held the fabric nicely.

8. Pin (right sides together) strips and oval cloth.

9.  Sew together

10.  Iron and VOILA:: custom table cloth!


4 thoughts on “DIY Project :: Table Cloth

  1. Read this post out loud at the breakfast table this morning to mom and dad. We all laughed 🙂 Nick was especially excited to see a post about making a table cloth, since that’s been a project on my to-do list for months!

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  3. Great job. It looks like you got the plaids to match up somewhat… Not an easy thing to do.

    How did the 10″ drop work while using the tablecloth? Would you make it shorter if you made it again?

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