Say what? :: baby blunders

When you have a baby, you start to realize just how strange people are.  When in public with children {especially with babies},  apparently the parents/caregiver become invisible. People speak directly to the baby— like he is going to respond? And you won’t believe what they say, actually you will because I am sure you have said them yourself. {I know I have, but now I think twice about it}

1. “Oh my, you are big for your age”   ::     Excuse me,  Are you calling my child fat or just abnormal?  As if they know the exact average size of a child his age. I wonder what that person would say if I said it right back to them.{funny thing is, my kids have always been on the smaller size. Never higher than the 50th percentile.}

2. “I think you must be hungry”   ::      This one makes me laugh– As if I would forget to feed him? If I had a dollar for every time someone said this when they held my newborn I’d be rich!  When I told my mother about this annoyance, she had a good defense for it in saying that she ‘just wondered if that was the reason he was fussing and if not she would try to soothe him another way.’ Yes mom, that does make sense. But, I guess it would be better if they asked me instead of just assuming. Of course, it could never be something they were doing to upset the baby—blame it on the mom who starves her kids.




What I ask :

  • be polite
  • don’t assume you know. Remember every child is different.
  • recognize the parent too, especially if you are asking a question to a child who cannot speak yet.
  • keep your distance. Do you want me, a complete stranger, to get right in your face?
  • Oh, and don’t ask a pregnant lady ANY personal questions. If she wants to share details she will. A mere “congratulations” will suffice.

What have you heard people say?


One thought on “Say what? :: baby blunders

  1. Now that we are re-entering the world, we’ve started to get some funny comments. Last Sunday we spent the day in Leland walking through the different shops. Almost everyone we passed stopped to admire baby Adelyn.

    The first thing I noticed was how funny it was not to have people stopping to ask questions about me. When you are pregnant everyone always stops to ask what you are having and when you are having the baby. (I’m also sure that you could make another entire post about the crazy things people say to pregnant women.) But once the baby arrives all attention shifts to the little one and you are just the fat person pushing the stroller.

    Most of the comments we received on Sunday were nice, “What an adorable baby” or “Look at that doting father”. However, one comment made me think twice. “How old is the baby?” “Three weeks and already out and about!?”
    So, what did she mean by this? Is it a positive thing that I’m taking my baby out at 3 weeks old or am I being a bad mother by exposing her to all of the germs that are lingering out there? Mom assured me it was the latter, but still what a funny thing for someone to say!

    I’m sure I’ll encounter many, many more in the next few months.

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